Descripción del producto

  • 6 función de: Antideslizante tratamiento
  • Característica 4: Wireless Cable De Audio
  • Paquete: Sí
  • De Alta Definición De Apoyo: NINGUNO
  • Soporte De Tarjeta De Memoria: No
  • La Pista De Sonido: Doble
  • Estándar WIFI: NINGUNO
  • Soporte AAC: Sí
  • Característica 5: La articulación de refuerzo
  • Inalámbrica De Tipo: Bluetooth
  • Número De Modelo: U3
  • Característica 3: Llamadas manos libres
  • Característica 1: Bluetooth 5.0 receptor
  • Contenido: Audio
  • Nombre De La Marca: Hagibis
  • Apoyo Apt-x: Sí
  • Cuentan con 2: Adaptador Inalámbrico
  • Interfaz: 3.5 mm

SKU: s50
Belyanskaya Olga
Angel Ks
The device is excellent, the "Hagibis U3" is displayed, the sound is quality, there are no wheezes, no distortion. Here some wrote that there are wheezes when twisting the volume on the maximum on the phone, using Samsung Note 10 plus this is not noticed, the sound at any volume is quality. The delay of sound ~ 200 ms, which is quite enough in everyday life, when playing music, that on home acoustics, that in the car. When connecting the power through the uselator, or through the USB power, the radio of unnecessary sounds, there is no interference, checked on the regular rcd310 VW. When connected, only sound notification of connection (not voice) is issued, which is more pleasant for some. As for the microphone, in the car the adapter was in the armrest of the car "Tiguan", it was clearly audible, the only thing is Echo, that is, the companion hears himself. Well, here I think still definitely need to take it, I took it for 640 rubles. With a coupon, I think that it is quite justified for this price.
The seller sent the product in very short time. After the product order, it passed to me in one week. I tried the product very well.

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